Excel Plate Clarifier
Highly efficient Inclined Plate Clarifier

Excel Plate Clarifier utilises proven technique to separate solid particle from liquids. Its unique design encompasses a built in flocculation chamber which forms fine to dense flocs enhancing flocculation process before the liquid and solids separation is performed in the inclined plate section.

The plates utilise principle of velocity and density to ensure that rising floc of liquid does mix with the floc which is sliding down the inclined plate. The
sludge extraction is determined by a sludge level indicator to ensure minimum interruption of solids-liquid separation.

Excel Plate Filter is a highly efficient and cost effective clarifier compared to the conventional models. Excel Plate Filter is compact and relatively smaller
as it operates with a high surface loading rate.

Type Capacity (m3/hr) Size (W x L x H) mm Number of Plates
EPC - 48 50 1500 x 4200 x 5800 48
EPC - 96 50 3300 x 4800 x 5800 96
EPC - 96 + 125 3960 x 4800 x 5800 96


  • Proven equipment
  • High surface loading rate with the ability to operate up to 1m/hr
  • Robust and reliable as there are no moving parts
  • Ease of maintenance as there are no mechanical moving parts and all wetted parts are SS304
  • Low installation cost with pre-fabrication before delivery
  • Built in flocculation chamber for better floc formation and achieving consistency in water clarify

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