Continuous Backwashing Sand Filtration System

RevoFilter is an innovative compact system with complete filtration, backwashing and wash water recovery system all built in a single circular tank. RevoFilter employs sand and multimedia filtration in a self-contained module that achieves excellent water quality.

Basically, RevoFilter is a high rate gravity sand filter with continuous backwashing. The unit design of low head filtration always ensures excellent filtered water quality. RevoFilter is designed with partitions (depending on capacity) inside where the filter able to cater to maximum design flow rate when one partition is in backwashing mode.

Type Max. Flow (m3/hr) No of Partition Diameter (mm) Tank Height (mm) Weight Full of Water (Tons)
RVF-6 200 11 6000 2200 64
RVF-9 450 19 9000 2200 137
RVF-12 800 19 12000 2200 238
RVF-15 1250 23 15000 2200 373
RVF-18 1800 23 18000 2200 520

Overall height requirement = 4300mm



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